Nexus Challenge at the University of Maryland

At Tuesday October 27th, Perspectivity delivered a session of Nexus!, the energy-water-food stress nexus board game, for the University of Maryland at the offices of the World Bank in Washington.

A group of water and climate experts took on the challenge of growing their economies in the face of turbulence and resource stresses. They proved to be ingredients for a fun afternoon. There were strong reflections in the debrief about the “socialist approach” of some of the players that had merged companies and countries. Others reflected on the dilemma they had felt about what was the legitimate amount of water they could extract from the lake. And one player shared her frustrations of being forced to admit foreign investors on her land because she needed food in the short term to have her city survive. It almost seemed like real life…

Five students from University of Maryland were trained the day before the event and were enthusiastic to act as gameleaders for future events in the US as well. With various follow-up inquiries after the session, these may be seeds for more impact by Perspectivity in the United States.