PAD to the Future – Solvay Pharmaceuticals

The Division for Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development (PAD) of Solvay Pharmaceuticals (now Abbott) faced the challenge to build a more pro-active division, which continuously improves it work processes.

During the development of a new pharmaceutical PAD plays an important role, from providing supplies for clinical studies, to running demonstration batches at the production site, to writing components of the registration folders. A delay within PAD may lead to late submission of registration files. To be a global market leader, the development time for a “New Chemical Entitiy”, new initiatives have been taken (project Clinical Breakthrough) to shorten the development time. Senior management envisages that the completion time of a clinical study should always be the most critical path. Hence, supporting division such as PAD should never be on the critical path. An excellent cooperation between units is regarded an important condition.

PAD to the Future
The given situation led to the decision to embark on a Future Search trajectory entitled “PAD to the Future” with the following goals:

  • Optimizing internal and external work processes
  • Better cooperation between different units
  • Flexible organization to stay away from then critical path
  • From reactive to proactive

The outcomes of the trajectory were seen as strategies to further shape the developments of PAD.

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