Perspectivity Game with the Cliniclowns

Pieter facilitated the Perspectivity Game with the Cliniclowns – a Dutch foundation that provides clown-services for ill and/or handicapped children. In the context of a larger organisation-wide change process, the game was played by 18 people of the Marketing & Communication department.

After a short introduction the game started. At first the teams played it safe, trying to understand the goal, game dynamics and behavior of other teams. Later interesting dynamics arose and some conflicts flared but were quickly solved by rolling the dice. Negotiations were not fruitful , and made place for a quick cup of tea. As the game session came to an end teams were trying hard to achieve a high score.

The debrief turned out to be full of insights. After a series of individual reflections on one’s own behavior the group discussion was structured and effective. All 18 people – primarily women – engaged in sharing their views and discussing their experiences of the game. A clear relation was made between team behavior and the way the game was played.

Perspectivity hopes to have contributed to a better team understanding and team-focus.