Reforming Caritas Egypt

Caritas Egypt

Misereor (Aachen), in cooperation with Secours Catholique (Paris) and Caritas Germany (Freiburg) is contracting Perspectivity for a three year initiative to reform Caritas Egypt headquartered in Cairo, an organization that both have been supporting over decades. This highly reputed NGO has conducted significant social reform programs all over Egypt.

Participatory Change
Often change programmes are dictated from above. Top-management designs a new strategy and tries to implement it top-down. This seems quick, but is rarely sustainable. Perspectivity takes a participative approach, involving all stakeholders with different perspectives to come up with innovative ideas and shared results. Even though this gradual approach will probably take longer, in the end it will help the organisation further up the road.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Perspectivity will be supporting vision and strategic development; redefining structures and systems; conduct leadership development programs; implementing novel monitoring evaluation and learning systems; setting up new communication mechanisms and boost the organizational culture.

All with lots of dialogue as part of the process!

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