Tailormade course for Staff of Microfinance Support Centre

The Microfinance Support Centre was established in 2001 in Uganda with the mandate to provide financial services to the economically active poor in Ugandans engaged in small-scale enterprises and to provide capacity building services to micro-finance institutions and private sector operators in order to enable them to deliver financial services to the economically active poor. In order to build the capacity of their staff in Institutional Development and Organisational Strengthening (ID/OS), MCS involved MDF and Perspectivity to design a tailormade course for MSC Staff.

This 3 weeks course took place in April, 2009 and had as outcome that section heads, credit officers and operational managers (22 in total) were trained on ID/OS, with an emphasis on organisational assessment and development in the Micro Finance Sector. This enhanced knowledge, skills and attitude of MCS staff to better manage their interventions in order to achieve sustainable impact.

The training included a real-life case study with an organisation in Uganda.