U4 universities – Leading in a global context

Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden

The four universities are embarking on a university leadership programme, facilitated by Perspectivity.

Having realised that the demands on future university leaders are increasingly complex. Changes in current times create escalating demands on them as strategic experts.

University leaders face major challenges in accountability, efficiency and transparency in university management, whereas activities of reporting, analysing, measuring, monitoring and evaluating have become central concerns at various university levels. Furthermore, the competition among universities, combined with technological, financial, social and political changes, have placed new demands on university leaders. In response, university organizational structures have become more complex with greater specialization of functions, increased professionalization of roles and the addition of more management layers.

The leadership programme aims to

  • Increase cooperation between U4 with a focus on strategic leadership
  • Create international leadership networks inside U4
  • Develop and share knowledge and experiences of international trends, problems and solutions within a trusted environment

The target group for this leadership programme are top level executives of U4.

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