Beatrijs Stikkers

….they tailored their process facilitation to our objective of strengthening organizational monitoring and evaluation as a way of internal reflection on its intervention strategies. Creativity and a playful approach reached into the essence rather than staying at superficial levels of dialogue. Kirin’s commitment to process and engagement with our team, guided us intelligently throughout a well-conceived and well-directed phased development process.

We went beyond our initial goal, a framework for aggregate accountability in our core business, tuberculosis control. Not only did we develop ways to reflect purposefully about the how and why of our intervention strategies, we also determined ways to think organization-wide about the enabling organizational environment and such less tangible issues as core values and dimensions of reputation and market position.

This indeed leads to learning and exploration of better ways. Importantly the framework structures thinking and enables dialogue in a group with diverse vantage points.

We are developing ways to reinforce commitment and shared thinking at all levels of the organization, including stakeholders externally. In an era of operational growth and diversification these are important ways of organizational bonding.

For me personally the collaboration has been one of personal ánd intellectual growth, more than compensating for the hard work…