Bernadette van Dijck

Senior Policy Advisor, Radio Netherlands

…..  ‘Media and Development: Future Scenarios for International Cooperation’ brought together a diverse group of over 60 professionals from broadcast media in the North and the South, NGOs working in the field of development and communication, government agencies, donors and policymakers….

…They came from all over the world; all in all from 30 different countries, including 23 developing countries and countries in transition…

… In close cooperation with Han Rakels and co-facilitator KeesJan Bender, we decided to combine the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry and Future Search to optimise the intended purpose: To design future scenarios for international cooperation in the field of media and development, actively using the input and diverse expertise of this unique gathering of professionals….

…. Han and KeesJan succeeded to establish an atmosphere of creative, mutual thinking which led to challenging ideas. Hard and serious thinking was alternated with laughter and fun. An open eye of both facilitators for both the cultural differences as well as the different interests of participants contributed to this atmosphere. Participants appreciated the methodology, which for many of them was very challenging…

The conference has led to interesting analyses and inspiring ideas to improve international cooperation in the field of media and development. We trust that the positive energy that was generated by the conference will be used to make these ideas come true….