Michael Donnelly

That weekend we were all dragged out of our comfort zones time and time again to ask people about their dreams, to remain positive, to carry weight of expectation and to tell people outright that they would be listened to and what they wanted to see happen would actually happen. This was putting all of our credibility on the line and it came through. We are of a mind that if this project can do so much to create community from nothing on this road, with its own circumstances, it can happen anywhere in Ireland or the world!

“The sense of collaboration, the laughter, the lack of animosity, the lack of foreman type leadership demonstrated that self organisation is the most efficient way to get things done. People may have gone with that style because of it being a community project, but whatever the reason, it worked. The journey from a rural disconnected road to having over 120 people on the field for two days working together, eating together, making friends for the first time, meeting old friends again was miraculous.