Trainings that Trigger

We train to enable organisations and people to live their passions to the fullest. To add value to organisations, teams, individuals so that they bring out their very best. To support a transformation that is greatly desired or simply unavoidable. To empower organisations and people so that they can take full responsibility for the situation they are in and the future they aspire to.

We train leaders, talents, innovation architects, trainers, facilitators, you… We offer short workshops, several day courses up to six week training programmes, both open enrollment and tailor made for your organisations, in a broad variety of subjects.

Deep Democracy (Level 2)

Deep Democracy is a practical (facilitation) method to start dialogue together. It actively looks for the wisdom of the minority.

Sprockler Training

People tell stories to make sense of the world around them. Sprockler helps you to collect stories and discover emerging patterns.

Navigating Complexity

Learn how to navigate in a complex situation. Work together with more alignment. Generate more energy and results.

LEGO Serious Play

Learn how to work with Lego. Like NASA, Google and Unilever you can start using this highly engaging and effective method!

Designing Dialogue Processes

How do you conduct a constructive dialogue? Learn how to design inspiring dialogue processes for large groups in complex settings.

Stories of change

Stories of change are a great way to communicate the value and progress of a project in an accessible way.