Growing Our Impact Together – Perspectivity & IFF

On the second day of the Perspectivity Network Event with the International Futures Forum (IFF) – a group of people with ideas very similar to Perspectivity’s -, we explored how we can grow our impact on the world.

Three Horizons

Anthony Hodgson, Graham Leicester and Denis Stewart of the IFF introduced us to their Three Horizons Model. This model is used for transformative innovation. It can be a useful framework to envision social change in the future and what the necessary steps are to get there.

Three Horizons Framework presented to Perspectivity Network by Anthony Hodgson from FunnelVision on Vimeo.

We shared and used our own experiences, realities and aspirations to envision what these horizons would look like for us, as a network of inspired people, and how we can grow our collective impact.

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