Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Agne

Hello once again!

I’m one of the interns from the first batch, and I’ve been with Perspectivity since June – four months so far. During this period I’ve been mainly working on the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system for the three training programmes Perspectivity conducts – Leaders and Followers, U4 Leadership and Perspectivity Game – and also wrote my Internship Report based on this topic. Now I’m happily graduated and have my Master’s degree in International Management, but will still stay with Perspectivity for two more months and work on further tasks related to the MEL system (which we now call Adaptive Learning), specifically on the software tool we’re building and creating a 2-day training programme.

I learned a lot about evaluation and built my understanding on how one should be conducted for collecting qualitative information. Also, I got acquainted with quite a few methodologies, like Appreciative Inquiry and Story Teller, which I found very interesting, powerful and definitely useful for my future personal and professional life. However, my biggest discovery was that I’d like to become a trainer/facilitator myself and inspire people from all over the world to look at things from a different perspective. Now I need to figure out what to do next in order reach this goal of mine.

The atmosphere in this company, the positive and searching attitude which is fostered here and all the activities we had in our 2-3-hour weekly progress meetings gave a lot to my personal development too. The insights I learned or knew and was encouraged to apply in my life turned out to be working, which led me (and stills leads) to further exploration and trial. I found that the two concepts Perspectivity promotes – self-reflective learning and inspired dialogue – are really the basis for understanding the surrounding world, your role in it and what you should do with that.

I’ve been looking for a field that interests me and I guess I was very lucky to end up here, at Perspectivity. Now I know which direction to go in my life and benefitted a lot on a personal level as well.