Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Anastasia

I am from Riga, Latvia’s capital city. What might be interesting to you about my home country is the beautiful coastline of Baltic Sea. There are also a lot of forests, which you can feel in the air when you arrive at the airport and take a deep breath. Today, I am living in Rotterdam together with my family for 5 years now. I am currently doing her 4th year of Bachelor Degree program called Rural Developments in Van Hall University (Wageningen). A program that is quite diverse as one can go for social, economic or other directions of development. The way I see myself in 5 years from now, is owning a consulting company, living in rural area in Latvia, having a farm with horses and cows (but not for food, milk or fur, since I am a true vegan).

Looking back at my Latvian study experience, I have studied Public Relations for 2 years and also have done a translator’s course. Regarding to my job experiences, I used to work as a bar steward and bar tender on a cruise ship. Also director’s assistant for Railway Modernization company, supporting him with office tasks. Furthermore, I have worked for my family business – night club in Riga – as a general manager of the bar.

As to my hobbies, I love to spend time with my dog ‘’Musi’’ – German Shepherd. Besides that, I like to dance salsa, to travel across mountains, reading books and surprising or not – sleeping.

What brought me to Perspectivity is the shared values, principles and ideology of the company. The cause of Perspectivity matches pretty well with my perception of the world. I have realized that by means of dialogues, solutions could be found without an aggression. My motto in life is: No-harm and compassion to everyone living.

I am expecting to learn about different tools and how they are applied in different cases. Also, to learn how to create and develop such tools. I will stay with Perspectivity for 5 months period and I am eager to get more in-depth into the matter of complexity and how we deal with it.