Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Anne

Hi, my name is Anne and I was described by fellow intern Judith as “an altruistic dancer with a great interest in development”. I think that is probably quite an apt description of myself, as I do like to dance and consider it my goal to help other people understand each other. Many of the choices I have made in my life are geared towards creating understanding between various people or groups of people. An example of this is that I am currently attempting to learn a seventh language (being already fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German and having some elementary Swahili).

My educational background is quite broad, I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Science and then combined many of my interests in a master’s degree on Social Anthropology of Development in London. I literally just handed in my dissertation, which, as Judith already gave away, focussed on the concept of altruism, specifically among those who are involved in development in some form or other. In this dissertation and in this degree more in general, I was able to combine my interests in this field with the anthropological way of looking at the world and I would like to continue on that track. I feel that Perspectivity’s approach is in line with this and that this is a place where I can learn much more about the practical application of anthropology. I am thus very excited to start!

Additional fun facts: I have travelled and lived in quite some places in the world and am a massive geography nerd, so come chat with me if you want to discuss why Mexican food is awesome or if you found a good geography quiz!