Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Judith

Hi everyone! My name is Judith van der Leek and I am one of the new interns at Perspectivity. On Monday, Thursday and Friday I cycle to The Hague from Leiden where I live to work at Spaces. I’m also in on Tuesday morning, but then I come by train. There, I meet with the other interns, get some hands-on experience with complex problems and workshop design, and try to stay away from the delicious cakes and chocolates at the coffee bar.

My background is in Human Movement Sciences and I recently obtained my master’s degree at the VU University Amsterdam. My research project during my final year focused on socialisation of children into organized sport, a topic receiving more and more attention considering the complex problem of increasing obesity rates in society. This is one of the complex problems I am interested in, together with formal education, policy-making processes and the circular economy, amongst others.

Precisely this is why I am interested in Perspectivity. I saw some of the previous projects, also dealing with education and participatory policy-making and was intrigued. I am very happy to be at Perspectivity and contribute to the new program for municipalities and perhaps to other projects as well. In addition, I hope to develop my divergent thinking and creativity as a means of tackling complex problems, because I have barely developed those skills during my time in school. Working at Perspectivity, I think, will enable me not only to get real working experience but also help me to order my thoughts about the future and learn skills that I can use in my future profession as well.

I have already started to apply my new knowledge and developing skills outside of this working environment. I am is very actively involved in my korfball club and can be found there almost every day, together with my korfball-loving husband. Currently I am focusing most on designing our new club policy, letting all stakeholders contribute after a very close voting at the elections for club president and the resulting split in the club. A challenging problem, but one we can work out applying the principles I have already learned at Perspectivity. I thus expect to gain a lot from this internship, but I also hope to give a lot back!