Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Lindella

Hi colleagues, I’m pretty sure you all know who I am by now. I wish to send you all an update of my progress so far at Perspectivity. Firstly, I would like to add that I am grateful to be part of this group and for all the opportunities given. It has been quite a challenge so far I’ve learned that with time we all manage to see the benefit adding to a fruitful long-term success.

Professionally, I had to work on many different but interconnected tasks in regards to the marketing of the leaders and followers program. I must be honest, I was clueless on what approach to take for my research due to the uniqueness of leaders and followers, making it more difficult to apply conventional marketing. However, after some reading I’ve skewed my research and found quite a suitable marketing approach that best apply to the program. In my case, the irony, is that it took me probing – sensing – and respond to the project’s woes to find a better focus. Hopefully, my final report will positively contribute to an effective strategy that the enterprise can use to further the steps of leaders and followers program before its official launch.

I also had to take the initiative to experiment with channels of promotion and soft advertising for leaders and followers.

• I’ve produced a database where I had to collect business cards, organize, and then manually put them in excel and also upload them to an e-mailing tool called Mailchimp.

• I’ve also worked on putting together a context for Perspectivity’s flyer based from a collaboration of ideas contributed by some partners. This will soon be ready for distribution and printing to get the word out.

• Currently, I am finalizing the design for a flyer specifically for leaders and followers to be e- mailed to our database contacts as a probe. I wish to start getting the word out and hopefully find some participants to be part of leaders and followers.

• I’ve also facilitated one of our weekly interns meeting which was quite fun and filled with interactive learning exercises.

What I learned so far from Perspectivity?

Beside the professional experience I’ve gained, I would also like to add my personal experiences. I feel more empowered, communicative and initiative strong, which above all is important to me to strengthen these competencies. I learned to be positive and see things as an opportunity instead of a challenge. Challenges are inevitable; it is my role to find the opportunity. I am still trying to find my path in this complex world, my motto: “it’s never too late and never ever give up”

What advice would I give for the new interns?

• It might be confusing at first, but you will find your way eventually

• Be prepared to work in an unusual working environment