Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Rani

Rani Temmink

Age: 21

Nationality: Dutch


My name is Rani, which means Queen in Hindi. I grew up in Belgium but afterwards moved to India and later to Egypt. I am adopted from India by Dutch parents, who are currently residing in Israel. I have quite a multicultural background and am also proficient in other foreign languages. My mother tongue is Dutch, but I also speak English, French and a little bit of Spanish and Arabic. I never lived in Holland before, despite my parents being Dutch. However, now I live in Wageningen and am pursuing my studies in rural development & innovation at Van Hall Larenstein Hogeschool, University of Applied Sciences. Just like traveling to Indonesia, or Peru might be a culture shock for some, moving to The Netherlands was a culture shock for me. However, so far, I have enjoyed this new culture, challenge and adventure. Though, I do not plan on living in The Netherlands the rest of my life.

Current education:

I study rural development and innovation at Van Hall Larenstein Hogeschool, University of Applied science; I am currently in my final study year. My studies entail the dynamics of innovation and development in different settings i.e. culture, sustainability or marketing entrepreneurship. It’s a broad study that whenever people ask me what I do, I’m not sure what to say. I plan on following masters after I finish my bachelor. I have a few interests in the following topics: sustainability, environment, water management, human rights, and natural resource management. So, I’m not sure what path I’m going to take. 😀

Ambition for the future:

I do not have a clear vision yet of where I would like to be. However, I see myself being involved in development projects working abroad. I would love this because it’s what I feel at ease at. I grew up like this, in an international environment. As quoted by me during the interview: “it might be ambitious but I would like to make an actual change and be a role model for communities and wish to see other people smile and have a better life”. I would like to be in the bottom-up position, rather than top-down, where the community is also actively involved for change. My passion for helping others comes from her rooted multicultural background and also her love for travelling and to meet different cultures. I often think what my life would be like if I was not adopted. I am one of the fortunate ones, and would like to give back to the world.

Expectation for her Internship at Perspectivity:

I will be working on helping the development of new Perspectivity game versions. My expectation is to be able to produce actual tangible results. She hopes to be able to make a valuable contribution to Perspectivity to further innovate and develop the enterprise.