Sustainable Living Fair lets people of Newry and Mourne Council work in collaboration

When asked to help with organising an energy event, Michael Donnelly of Perspectivity saw the opportunity to present a much bigger vision of sustainability to the managers of Newry Council. He proposed a Sustainable Living Fair and a one day training workshop on Collaboration for Sustainability (pdf).  The workshop focused on the Perspectivity model – the mechanism by which we get effective on sustainability.

The Sustainable Living Fair brought together 40 exhibitors representing food growing, green travel, electric cars, bicycles, advice on energy management, grants for renewables and insulation, local producers, recycling, biodiversity, and outdoor lifestyles.

Later in the week, 32 participants representing local authorities, Central Government, private business, community groups, and funded projects attended the Collaboration for Sustainability workshop. The workshop introduced participants to the concept of complexity, how to recognise complexity in their work, and how they can become more effective at working in collaboration. The workshop introduced gaming to the participants, appreciative interviewing, World Café, mind mapping, and dialogue.