Learning from countering radicalisation
Even for a complex issue like countering radicalisation, professionals can learn from experiences in other cities and regions. A national team of 'zorg- en veiligheidshuizen' wanted to collect the available expertise and make it applicable in practice, in order to help improve the approach in all regions.
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Veiligheidshuis Haaglanden


Can you help us gather available knowledge and experience about countering radicalisation, and translate this into tools for use in practice?


Conducting interviews with professionals in ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’, desk research, identifying recommendations for practice, describing the results.


Internal report and series of fact sheets on the working methods, results and lessons learned of the national team for countering radicalisation.

Radicalisation and violent extremism, as well as preventing and countering it, is a highly complex issue. There is no single effective approach. In the Netherlands, cases of people who are (potentially) in the process of radicalisation are often dealt with in ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’ (care and security houses). These are local partnerships in which the municipality and organisations involved in security and health care jointly tackle complex problems. This is on a tailor-made basis, because every regional context and every case is different.

At the same time, the knowledge and expertise of some experienced ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’ is also valuable to colleagues in other regions. That is why a national team supports the thirty ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’ in countering radicalisation and violent extremism.

Knowledge from practice

This national team was looking for ways to collect the available knowledge and experience around this theme and make it available to all ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’. It also wanted to describe its own experiences and lessons learned and share them with its key stakeholders. Therefore, we interviewed professionals from various ‘zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’ who have a great deal of experience with countering radicalisation. We also collected practical information on the methods and practices used, such as training modules, case simulations and thematic meetings.

From this, we distilled concrete advice and recommendations for use in practice. We shared these in an internal report and a series of fact sheets. In this way, the work of the national team is safeguarded for the long term. ‘Zorg- en veiligheidshuizen’ can also use this knowledge and experience to improve their own policies and practices for countering radicalisation and violent extremism.

“As a collector of information, sparring partner and writer, Mark has supported the national team of zorg- en veiligheidshuizen. By questioning, mirroring and challenging us as a curious and critical listener, our working method is clearly documented in the form of a substantive report and useful fact sheets. Mark is sensitive within a complex force field and knows how to connect well. His way of working together has added depth and quality to our work. Mark does this by constantly making us think anew with his questions, astonishment and fresh perspective. He challenged and stimulated us to make concrete what was logical and self-evident for us. This has produced great results for our team and for the cooperation between zorg- en veiligheidshuizen.”

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