Much great news on the Perspectivity partnerships development!

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May 12, 2020

As you know, Perspectivity loves to collaborate in a long term partnership. We do so on basis of a license agreement: the organization at hand buys the Perspectivity challenge(s) and colleagues become trained in order to host the game exclusively for internal (non-profit) purposes. We collaborate with several organizations to extend the reach and powerful learning experience of the game(s), by example by integration of the Perspectivity challenge in an internal traineeship program (the Dutch Development Bank) or structural integration in the curriculum (University of Oxford, University of Munster, etc.). To provide you an example: the University of Oxford, the University of Munster, University of Maryland, and the Dutch Development Bank. Some new interesting partnerships were developed! By example with the University of Maryland (USA) and their Global STEWARDS Fellows; one of the fellows participated in the Stress Nexus! Challenge session at the World Bank back in 2015 and reached out years later to Perspectivity again. Also Nick van Apeldoorn, of our game-community, brought the Climate Challenge to the Breda University of Applied Sciences, as part of their sustainability curriculum. Now the University of Reading (UK) holds a Perspectivity Climate challenge license and is now part of our community. Last February Michiel Damoiseaux and Anubhad Khanduja travelled to India to in-house train a large group of National Institute of Design employees in the Stress Nexus, Climate Challenge and Public Health Challenge. Read more about this here. Hence: the Perspectivity challenges travel the world and have global outreach! Therefore new Climate challenge boxes are produced and ready to use… ! This took a good afternoon – underestimating the actual time needed to complete all the boxes, hence: 2 afternoons – to have the new games up and running!

Unboxing and installing the new challenge boxes

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