My point of view on the Complexity Navigator

In the second blog of her blog series, our intern Vera shares her insights and perspective on our Complexity Navigator.
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Jul 6, 2023

By Vera Pollmann

As an intern at Perspectivity, my first task was to dive into the insightful world of the Complexity Navigator. This powerful tool provided me with valuable insights into Perspectivity’s work and their core values.

The Complexity Navigator: Guiding the Way

The complexity navigator emphasizes the involvement of the “whole system“, recognizing that people have diverse stakes, interests, and perspectives within a given situation. Although this approach may initially appear to slow us down, it often uncovers answers and insights that lead to more robust decisions. The complexity navigator also emphasizes the significance of recognizing that the process operates in short cycles, as complex environments are constantly evolving. This is further influenced by the absence of a formal leader, where each individual’s actions can impact others or the system as a whole. Notably, the complexity navigator underscores the uniqueness of every situation, as highlighted by the final building block known as the Joker. These eight building blocks may not always provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire picture. 

Unlocking Potential in the Middle East 

One of the fascinating aspects of the Complexity Navigator is its adaptability to various contexts. In the case of Perspectivity’s work in the Middle East, the Complexity Navigator is important when addressing complex issues unique to the region. By involving the ‘whole system,’ including diverse stakeholders with different stakes, interests, and perspectives, we can unlock the collective wisdom and creativity needed to tackle challenges effectively. 

The Middle East is a region known for its rich diversity and intricate dynamics. The Complexity Navigator enables us to embrace differences, promote self-expression, and foster appreciative understanding. By cultivating relationships, trust, and vital connections, we can bridge gaps, address concerns, and find common ground. Through shared ambitions and a joint vision for change, we can work towards building a better future together. The Complexity Navigator provides the backbone structure and guidance needed to make a difference in the region.