The Art of Facilitation in Complexity

Four-day online training in essential facilitation skills in complexity Dates: TBC

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May 15, 2020

A 4-day online training in essential facilitation skills in complexity

More than ever we need the wisdom of the whole group to deal with complex challenges, such as how to anticipate the time after corona, how to help shape society, organisations, teams integrating the insights and practices that evolved in the past months and current situation. These (and other) conversations in small and large groups will need adequate facilitation.

In ‘The Art of Facilitation in Complexity’ you will be introduced to complexity theory and what is needed to facilitate processes in complex situations. Who needs to be involved? What type of process and what type of dialogue methods are needed? We will touch upon group dynamics, recognising what is happening in a group and how a facilitator can support groups to use the potential that is present within the group to solve its own issues.

Because of the Corona measures, we have adapted the programme and will offer the training in four modules, all online (4 times half a day). The training offers a mix of theory and practice. There will be ample opportunity to experience, reflect and practice. We will of course pay attention to online facilitation as this will be part of our new ‘reality’.

The training is preceded by an individual intake, to identify what you hope to learn and to understand the type of facilitation challenges you face. Based on these intakes the training content will be fine tuned.

Before the start of module 1, the participants will receive a preparatory assignment. In between the modules the participants will receive assignments to practice with what has been covered in the module and to prepare themselves well for the next module.

For who?
The training is particularly suitable for professionals with some experience in guiding complex group processes, such as (social change) leaders, consultants, managers and facilitators in all sectors. Anyone who is involved in facilitating dialogues, chairing, leading meetings, supporting (learning) events, offering workshops etc. will benefit of this training.

After the training, you have:

  • Improved your facilitation skills to enable transformation
  • Insights in design principles for complex settings
  • Enriched your toolkit of facilitation methods useful in complexity
  • Designed and facilitated an own session
  • Tips and tricks for online facilitation


  • Intake

Module 1

  • Why and when facilitate participatory processes (guiding principles:  participation ladder and complexity theory)
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Online facilitation tips and tricks

Module 2

  • Design of group processes (guiding principle: Theory U)
  • Facilitation methods
  • Online facilitation tips and tricks

Module 3

  • Facilitation practice and reflection
  • Group facilitation. How do you stimulate self-management in groups? What can you do when a group gets stuck or polarises? How do you deal with minority voices?

Module 4

  • Facilitation practice and reflection
  • Meta-skills of a facilitator. How do you recognise what’s really going on in a group? How do you ensure my own neutrality?

The costs for this training are €400 for independent consultants and €500 for organisations (exempted from VAT).

If you join with two people, the second person receives a 50% discount.

About the trainers

Han Verhoeven and Monique Janmaat both have more than 25 years of experience with training and facilitation of small and large group processes in the Netherlands, Africa and  Asia.

They support organisations and groups in the question how to navigate complexity.

They use methods that build up the strengths and successes of the participants and stakeholders such as Appreciative Inquiry and Future Search. They both trained professionals in facilitation techniques. Han is IAF Certified Professional® Facilitator en assessor, Deep Democracy practitioner en BreinCentraalLeren Professional® and Monique is a certified Deep Democracy Instructor.

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