Online Workshop: Putting People First

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Apr 13, 2021

An online and interactive workshop on working with stories for a more people-centered and inclusive approach, especially in fragile and complex settings.

20 April 2021 – 13:00 to 16:00 CET 

What is the workshop about?
Organised by Perspectivity and ReflACTION, participants will get to practice and familiarise with methods that put people at the center (People First Impact Method and Sprockler narrative inquiry), learn from practitioners in the field and exchange and reflect with other participants on what it means to work people-centered and how this (can) apply to your own work.

In processes – whether in humanitarian projects, citizen engagement or multi-stakeholder dialogue – we can often impose our own agenda, have pre-set ideas about group needs, or be extractive when getting information. Especially when involving vulnerable or marginalized groups of people it is vital to pay extra attention to work from a bottom-up approach and respond to people’s needs and ideas. It requires open conversations, neutrality, deep listening, asking the right questions, and receptivity amongst others.Both Perspectivity and ReflACTION have experience working in complex and often highly fragile settings, fostering dialogue among various stakeholder groups and including local communities and citizens. Both networks developed methods to be able to work more people-centered and support various organizations in doing the same. Therefore, we really wanted to organize a session on this topic, not only to share how we work with stories, but also to exchange and reflect with each other on people-centeredness in general.

For who? 
This workshop is intended for professionals or those interested in working with various groups of people, who are new to the topic or who wish to explore more, and those working in fragile, complex or conflict-affected settings.

About the hosts
Marjolein Kok from Perspectivity, Axel and Ralf from ReflACTION and Simon Koolwijk from our community will host this session.

ReflACTION is an independent platform for professionals with a heartfelt interest in the future of crisis response. We all share the conviction that people affected by 21st century’s crises deserve better ways of crisis response. We apply and promote concrete ways of working that keep people affected by crisis in the driver’s seat of their response.  ReflACTION offers action-oriented reflection and connects individuals as catalysts for change, as well as, helps in learning and undertakes research and advocacy work.

Perspectivity developed Sprockler, a participatory narrative inquiry method and online tool for collecting stories and data, fostering participation, inclusion, appreciation and collective sensemaking.


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