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Publishing the stories written during the writeshop workshop in Lebanon in 2021
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Mar 16, 2022

Last year, Perspectivity partnered with the Knowledge Workshop, a lebanese feminist organisation, to facilitate a writeshop workshop in Lebanon for women and gender nonconforming persons from different backgrounds. The intention of the writeshop was to amplify the role of women and transpeople in shaping personal and collective changes.

We ended up with 16 beautiful and diverse stories. 

Along with the writers, we decided to publish those stories and make them accessible to the public. So, we teamed up with The Farm, a Lebanese design company, to bring those stories to the world while capturing and reflecting their true essence. 

The result was a beautiful platform that is holding all the stories together. A special experience!

You can enter the experience here: OurStoriesofChange.com





***It is worth mentioning that this platform was made possible by the contribution of all Perspectivity partners and community members through our Cobudget Platform. 

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