Storytelling in complexity (Sprockler) — Online

Do you want to use storytelling to make sense of a complex issue? And are you looking for a method that enables you to collect a large amount of stories, and quantify the key patterns in the stories? Then Sprockler is the perfect tool for you. Register for this training to learn about the methodology and how to apply it in your work.
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Date & Time:

to be determined


online (Zoom)


€ 350 (VAT exempted)


Marjolein Kok

Sprockler helps you create story-based inquiries to collect actual experiences and generate meaningful data. It bridges the objectivity and overview of data (the ‘what’), and the nuance, richness and power of stories (the ‘why’). With Sprockler, you can explore the complexity of social systems through storytelling.

Sprockler has three tools (Designer, Collector and Visualizer) to design your inquiry, collect your information and visualize your data in an attractive manner. Learn the ins and outs of these tools with the help of experienced Sprockler practitioners.

For whom?

This training is for you if you:

  • want to use storytelling to better understand what is happening, changing or emerging around a complex issue
  • need to measure the impact of your work but are fed up with standard data collection, or the complexity of your topic makes standard data less relevant (e.g. social systems)
  • want to explore Sprockler’s principles, method and tools for use in your own professional context

What will you learn?

In the training, you will learn:

  • in which situations and contexts Sprockler is best used
  • how to design story-based inquiries
  • how to work with the three tools Designer, Collector and Visualizer
  • get creative with storytelling and collecting stories in your own work

More information? Visit the Sprockler website.