The Art of Retreating

From the 6th till the 8th September 2021, the Perspectivity Collective met at De Lievelinge camp site in Vuren for their 2021 Summer Retreat.
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Sep 23, 2021

It was that time of the year again! Time to meet-up for our annual Perspectivity summer retreat. We were all excited since most of us had not seen each other live in a very, very long time. On top off that, even Nohad was able to join us all the way from Lebanon. So, our team of 11 was complete again! With an extra in the form of Fleuri, the dog.

For the summer retreat we always go camping somewhere in the Netherlands. This time we were lucky to find a spot on De Lievelinge, a “creative stronghold for makers, freethinkers, life artists and adventurers of all ages”. Just our cup-of-tea. 😉

Whereas in the early days, our retreats were loaded with a full agenda and high ambitions, by now we have learned the art of retreating. We choose a topic that had been on our agenda for a while: values. We designed a flow to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the outside world. And we gave it a title: outwards. Food for two thought-provoking and playful days.

The highlights: sharing stories by the campfire, small group exchanges to discover our personal values hierarchy, a collective mind map to explore trends in the post-Corona world, a relay dialogue walk to share what sparks our energy and an open space exploring topics such as promoting Deep Democracy, system beauty and briniging what we do best to the world.

And last-but-not-least, a self-designed treasure hunt by Anne and Petra that required three teams of three to put together all their smart, creative and physical strengths to find a treasure hidden somewhere on the campsite.  

A true (re)treat and a great way to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the outside world.

Summer retreat 2021 was wonderfully organised by Petra De Boer and Anne Van Marwijk