What can youth professionals do to prevent radicalisation?
In recent years, a lot of experience has been gained with the prevention of radicalisation and the role of youth professionals in it. For a Dutch ministry, we collected best practices, extracted the most important insights and described them in online magazines.
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Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment


Do you want to collect available knowledge and expertise in the youth field concerning the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism, and translate this into accessible online articles and magazines?


  • working out themes
  • desk research and conducting interviews with professionals, managers and researchers
  • writing articles and compiling them into publications


Three online magazines with knowledge, insights, practical tools and recommendations for the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism.

Professionals in the youth field play an important role in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism. However, many professionals do not know how to signal possible radicalisation, what to do if they are worried about young people and how to cooperate with colleagues in schools or the police department. That is why Platform JEP supports professionals who work with young people with questions about polarisation, radicalisation and violent extremism. The Platform is based at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs.

Platform JEP encourages professionals and organisations to learn from each other’s experiences. Platform JEP therefore wanted to collect and disseminate practical knowledge and best practices on a number of themes. In this case, it is interesting to look beyond the success stories. What are the main insights and lessons learned?

Stories and insights

We went looking for current practical knowledge and experience on the prevention of radicalisation, by conducting dozens of interviews, reading studies and having many conversations. We collected the most important stories, insights and practical recommendations in three online magazines (in Dutch): on the role of ‘radicalisation awareness officers’, on the collaboration between education and youth work, and on professional judgement in the youth field

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