For meaningful interaction and useful action.


Perspectivity originates from the idea that dialogue is needed to achieve meaningful interaction and useful action, especially in complex social situations.

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What is dialogue anyway?
Dialogue is having a conversation whereby the participants aim to share and supplement their perceptions on important issues. The participants have the intention to:

  • see the whole beyond the part instead of subdividing a problem into pieces
  • seek the connection between the part instead of distinguishing the parts
  • question assumptions instead of justifying and defending them
  • learn by exploring instead of convincing and selling
  • find a shared meaning instead of seeking agreement on one meaning

What to look for?
Dialogue encourages the participants to “open up” the topics of conversation, much like opening a box, in order to broaden the conversation. This will create a multitude of perspectives, opinions and answers; which allows the group to choose the best. The idea is that the quality of cooperation, decisions and results is strongly affected by the way we talk about them.

Are you interested in starting and maintaining a dialogue?

Our toolbox

In our work, we use a broad range of methodologies and approaches that lean on decades of experimental research. We gratefully build on the theories and concepts developed by our teachers and colleagues. To achieve sustainable results, we determine which method fits every project best.

Methods we frequently use: