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Become world leader for one day with the Perspectivity Challenge, and experience the complexity of decision making around topics such as economy, climate, healthcare, food and organizational development. You can play the Challenges with your team or network, for example as part of a training. Together you will learn about wicked problemsand its dynamics, behavioral patterns and muddy reality yet the game seems so simple!

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Played all across the globe

Over the years, the Perspectivity Challenges have been played all across the globe. Amongst the players are big corporations such as Shell, Nespresso and PriceWaterHouseCoopers, NGOs like Greenpeace and Cordaid, universities such as University of Amsterdam and The London School of Economics, the World Bank and UN Women amongst other international institutions, governmental organizations such as the British Ministry of Defence and also part of a diplomacy training at Clingendael Institute.


A typical Perspectivity Challenge workshop lasts approximately 2,5 hours. This includes an explanation of the game, the actual playing, a reflection, a debrief and insights for you as individual, the group and your field of work. The recommended group size is 24 players, although small and large groups can also be accommodated to a minimum of 6 players and with a maximum of a couple of hundreds. 

Challenges we offer 

  1. Climate Challenge: Players will build their own strong economy as world leaders, balancing their act between growth and sustainability amidst a changing global climate change. 
  2. Food Challenge: How do we sustainably feed a growing world population? Players must choose between investing in intensive or organic farming and decide on local or global strategies.
  3. Decision Challenge: As chief of your own department you are challenged to optimize its performance to the best. Beware though, because other departments have similar ambitions as you.
  4. Human Security Challenge: How do you make sure that your people can live in a society that is safe and secure? Surely you have some soft approaches ready, but what if people don’t listen to you?
  5. Stress Nexus Challenge: Because our world population keeps on growing, scarcities emerge such as water, energy and food. How will you tackle these issues as a world leader? 
  6. Public Health Challenge: Your task as leader is to raise the quality of life of your people as much as possible, in six years time. Other leaders want the same, and the resources available for all these plans are limited.
  7. Online Climate Challenge: We also offer an online version of the Climate Challenge, in which players will build their own strong economies as world leaders amidst a changing global climate. 
  8. On Demand: Perspectivity designs new specific challenges at your request. Earlier examples are the Human Security Challenge, the Hydrogen Mobility Game and Physical Environment. Let us know what you are looking for!

 What a simple board game can tell us about our own behavior…”
(participant Climate Challenge)

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Serious Gaming and Higher Education

Serious Gaming and Higher Education

Let us not only teach the facts but also teach the experiences that bound these facts to our memories. The case of Perspectivity Climate Change Challenge in higher education.

Climate Challenge goes online!

Climate Challenge goes online!

The Climate Challenge is the mother of all Perspectivity Challenges. It was the first one, and it has seen all parts of the world. Its track record is huge, with sounding names like World Bank, Amsterdam Institute of Finance, London School of Economics, Warton...

Scoop: Public Health Challenge live in the Netherlands

Scoop: Public Health Challenge live in the Netherlands

A first: at the end of 2019 we were asked to facilitate Perspectivity's Public Health Challenge twice in Nijmegen! This challenge deals with the complexity of the health sector and the necessary decision-making involved. Players are responsible for the wellbeing of...

Our toolbox

In our work, we use a broad range of methodologies and approaches that lean on decades of experimental research. We gratefully build on the theories and concepts developed by our teachers and colleagues. To achieve sustainable results, we determine which method fits every project best.

Methods we frequently use: