A two-day writeshop in which we write and share stories about complexity through a guided writing process.
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The writeshop is a two-day session where we collectively write down our stories through a guided writing process. This guided writing process is based on the Barefoot Guide. This is a proven, collective, creative and disciplined process to reflect, learn and document stories that are worth sharing.

We offer:

  • A full 2-day writeshop in which we will share, collect, explore, analyse and structure stories together
  • Self-reflection and collective learning with a rich network of people interested in complexity
  • A Barefoot Guide writeshop experience – a collective, creative and disciplined method to reflect, learn & document stories that are worth sharing
  • The opportunity to develop a written and deepened story for yourself or to share with the world
  • Be mentioned as one of the co-creators of the final publication
  • 10 free copies of the publication to spread our perspectives

You bring:

  • Your experience & stories about how you navigate complexity
  • Your deepened understanding on working in complex settings
  • Your energy, open mind and eagerness to learn together through writing.

You can write in English or in Dutch. Both gifted writers and those with writer’s block are invited to join.


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Want to join?
To reserve your spot, register via this link. You will receive an invoice for the costs.

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