Ymke Knaap

Meet our intern Ymke. She is doing her internship with us on storytelling in conflict regions.
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Jun 16, 2022

Hi! My name is Ymke Knaap. 

Currently, I am doing an internship at Perspectivity. 

I am a 4th year student enrolled in the study of Global Project and Change Management at Windesheim Honours College in Zwolle. In essence, the study means that I am trained as an international project manager and change agent in the non-profit sector. The theoretical basis is interdisciplinary; cultural anthropology, sociology, entrepreneurship and business administration. An important characteristic of the study is that from the first year onwards we have carried out socially relevant assignments/projects in groups for various clients in civil society. Now that I am in the final phase of my study, it is time for the internship, which is meant to gain experience in the field, and to set up and conduct research in accordance with my internship provider.

So, for my bachelor thesis, I am researching the effects of storytelling on marginalized groups in conflict regions with a focus on Lebanon. Furthermore, I am assisting my colleagues with assignments/ projects wherever I can and soaking up all the experiences in the meantime

To work and share the office space with all the lovely people of Perspectivity is very inspiring, I have learned so much already. This experience is also helping me find myself in professional settings and build experiences in the work field.