Improving Debt Relief with all stakeholders

On the 18th of June approximately 70 people came together in De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam for a next episode of improving the debt relief services in Amsterdam.

The meeting is part of a programme of the Municipality of Amsterdam to improve the debt relief services of the municipality. The project has been going on for a longer period of time and Perspectivity facilitated a few of their sessions. For example, a 4-day lab that took place in December where the Debt Relief Café made its initial appearance.

In this next episode of the café it was the first time that not only professionals were present but that volunteers and those with personal experience (people with debts) were also present. This lead to interesting exchanges. One of the insights was that the people with debts would like to have more control over their own process.

New connections were made during the day, experiences and insights about running projects and experiments were shared and together participants looked at how they can use the ideas of the people who have experienced the services to continually improve the debt relief services.

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