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Perspectivity is both a collective and a community of professional facilitators who love to navigate complexity.

The Perspectivity Collective is a partnership of a dozen professionals who join forces to offer services and develop expertise to navigate complexity. Each and everyone of us brings in specific skills and rich experience; from facilitating large scale interventions, working with polarised groups and citizen participation, to narrative research, public policy development, learning and writing. Together we constantly look for new ways to enable groups to manage their complex challenges more successfully, and to foster social innovation.

We live and work in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond. We are experienced facilitators in the public domain, civil society, education sector, and business. We bring our expertise in the social domain, higher education, climate and energy, development and migration, living environment, and youth.

Join the Collective – Are you an independent professional and looking for like-minded spirits to increase your impact? Send us an email to schedule a virtual coffee with one of the partners. 

Petra de Boer

Communications & Dialogue
Participatory Policymaking
Agile Scrum Collaboration
Online Learning & Change

Monique Janmaat

Large-scale interventions
Deep Democracy
Participatory processes

Marjolein Kok

Narrative research
Evaluation & learning
Multi-stakeholder dialogue
Citizen participation & inclusion

Elien Rogaar

Large scale interventions
Multi-stakeholder dialogue
Organisational culture

Anne van Marwijk

Narrative Research
Development & Migration
Evaluation & Learning

Han Rakels

Large scale interventions
Leadership development
Envisioning and innovation 
Knowledge (re)generation

Lisette Gast

Deep Democracy 
Art of Facilitation
Development & Migration

Jelle Troelstra

Public policy 
Living environment 

Mark Snijder

Middle East and North Africa
Writing and editing

Michiel Damoiseaux

Climate & energy
Large scale interventions
Serious gaming

Nohad Elhajj

Process facilitation
Capacity building
Project management
Creating connections