Mark Snijder

As a consultant and editor, I support organisations working on complex issues in the fields of youth and the MENA region to find new answers and to initiate change. I do this by bringing together knowledge and experience, by unravelling patterns and insights, and by translating these into practical tools, programmes or advice. I share the new insights in reports, stories, articles and publications – and occasionally a podcast.

Recently, I’ve collected and analysed the lessons learned in the (local) practice of preventing radicalisation. I interviewed families and youth professionals about the youth care provided to families with complex problems, and what insights we can draw from this for the future. For an NGO, I described its programmes in Iraq, including the impact and evaluation results.

At the same time, I see that making optimal use of our collective knowledge requires more than a good interview, a sharp interpretation of lessons learned or a cleverly written story. It also requires proficiency in dealing with complex issues, and knowing what complexity actually means. It requires cleverly bringing the right people together, facilitating a good interview, and ensuring that the in-depth knowledge is actually used for the issues we now face.

So that’s what I’m getting more and more involved with. Because these ways of working are necessary for the issues that are close to my heart – youth care, radicalisation, and the future of young people in the Middle East.


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