Gert Wentzel – head of Production and Development Solvay Pharmaceuticals

…Beforehand people were skeptical about the results to expect, as they had had some bad experiences with past workshops and because they were unfamiliar with the principles and techniques of “Future Search.

Right from the beginning of the Future Search Conference the faciliator brought in a lot of positive energy, and (sixty five) people participated actively! The outcome was much better than we ever could have hoped for.

After the Future Search Conference about 60 – 70 % of the participants (approx 40 people) participated in 10 defined Future Search projects. The whole process was guided by a steering group and each project made a lot of progress. Team spirit was high! Atmosphere was excellent. Eight months after the Conference the steering committee was dissolved, as all targets had either been achieved or activities had been fully integrated in “the system”.

Solvay Top Management has set out a course with very ambitious goals and we have made a big step in meeting them as we were well prepared for the future, thanks to our own Future Search. Other units had a lot of catching up to do.

Han Rakels has lead us through the whole Future Search process and kept us sharp and awake. He inspired the group and brought a lot of positive energy. The Future Search for the PAD department has been very successful and we are prepared to meet all the goals the coming years based on our own strengths…