Volunteers in Maastricht Explore Prouds and Dreams

On 1 February, more than 120 people with a heart for volunteer work in Maastricht gathered in the city hall. Purpose: join forces to explore how Maastricht wants to shape its volunteer policy for the future.

The group is diverse: volunteers, community workers and innovators in the field as well as councillors, policy makers and the alderman. A wealth of ‘voluntary’ knowledge and experience in ‘the room’ .

Shaping renewal together

The meeting is a first step to design a new volunteer (subsidy) policy together. The municipal rules have to be reviewed this fall. Due to budget cuts and decentralization in the social domain, citizens acquire more and more responsibilities. This calls for new forms of cooperation between all parties involved.

100 people in conversation

A brief introduction sets the stage. The focus is on care and welfare, two regulations, 140 volunteer organizations and total subsidy budget of EUR 1.75 million in 2014.

Small groups meet up -many for the first time- and exchange what they are proud of. This produces a colorful inspiration wall. New groups are formed to explore the future. What do we want to take with us to the future? What new things do we want to introduce ? When we are satisfied? The top-5 is an inspirational and shared vision on the future. How to realize these dreams will be the focus of the follow-up meeting in April.

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