Social [Distancing] Fabric alleviates corona-blues

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The Social [Distancing] Fabric, a collaborative embroidery project, is an initiative by fashion designer Karim Adduchi and The World Makers Foundation. People receive a cotton fabric with a hand-made drawing by Adduchi, to be embroidered at home. The finished embroideries will be made into one patchwork canvas, a symbol of social fabric reconnected.

The participants’ individual stories will also be collected: their challenges, experiences of solidarity, and hopes. The result will be exhibited in autumn as a social document.

Over 200 people, including Petra de Boer and Monique Janmaat from Perspectivity, have joined the project. The World Makers Foundation, a fledgling organisation which supports migrant and refugee artisans and makers, was set up by Adduchi and Perspectivity member Ann Cassano, supported by a group of dedicated stakeholders, including Monique Janmaat in an advisory role.

The art work made by hundreds of different people with different backgrounds, stories, and ethnicities drives home the fundamental bond between all of humanity during a time which affects us all. The embroidery, made collectively, serves as a symbol of community when we need reminding most.

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