Agile Communication

The world is moving. Changes follow each other more and more quickly and are simultaneously influenced by many actors and factors. It is an illusion to think that you can continue to orchestrate the communication centrally. After all, communication takes place continuously, everywhere and by everyone and with constantly changing character, actors and needs.

How do you organise communication in an ever-changing environment? This requires an agile attitude. With a flexible attitude we can respond much better to change. That may seem simple, but requires a substantially different way of working.Scrum is an innovative method to deal with this. Developed in IT, but now also widely used outside. Scrum works in short cycles – with fixed roles, recurring meetings and useful lists – which also help the Communication department to become agile.

With a flexible attitude we can respond much better to change. That may seem simple, but requires a substantially different way of working.

In the in-company Agile Communication training for communication teams, you learn what agile scrum has to offer you as communication professionals. Why the long-term plan no longer works and you are better off focusing on short-term results. How you can deliver value in short cycles. How you can involve your client and your stakeholders more closely. And how you can work together with more fun and be more productive.

This training offers a mix of experiential exercises, reflection, theory and practical examples. During the training we will work with your own projects, so that you can apply the lessons learned immediately in practice.

After this training you know:

  • What agile communication is and why you need it
  • How to organise your projects agile
  • How to achieve results that really matter
  • What the conditions are to make agile work
  • How you can introduce agile methods in your organisation

For whom?
The training is intended for communication managers and professionals who are looking for practical tools to be able to deal with change flexibly.

Petra de Boer from Perspectivity, experienced communication professional and proces facilitator. Petra is co-author of Scrum in action, the first Dutch handbook for Scrum outside of IT (Business Contact, June 2015).

Open Training
In addition to the in-company training, you can also register individually for the two-day Master Class: Agile & Scrum for the CommProf. Trainers: Betteke van Ruler, emeritus professor of communication science and author and founder of the Reflective Communication Scrum (Adfogroep) and Petra de Boer. The study load is 16 hours.

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