Reflecting on my First Month as an Intern at Perspectivity: A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Vera sharing the highlights of her first month at Perspectivity.
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Jul 13, 2023

By Vera Pollmann

I am thrilled to share my incredible experiences from my first month as an intern at Perspectivity! Join me as I take you through the exciting journey of growth, collaboration, and meaningful projects.

One of the highlights of my first month was working on the organization for an exciting event in Beirut this October. This one and a half day event that explores the topic of “Care (ethics and practices) in Protracted Crisis contexts”. Through participatory, reflective and narrative-based workshops, we aim to explore different ways to establish a new discourse surrounding care in protracted crises contexts. 

We explored potential partnerships with the Dutch Embassy and looked for opportunities to connect the Netherlands and Lebanon. My weekly recurring tasks include project acquisition and making outreach content about my internship. 

As the weeks progressed, I continued to refine my objectives and collaborate closely with the Perspectivity team. Nohad and I held productive meetings to review progress, set goals, and plan for the upcoming weeks. From finalizing proposals for events in Beirut and Berlin to preparing for a writeshop in the Netherlands, each task brought new challenges and opportunities for growth.

As I enter the next phase of my internship, I am excited about the projects lined up. After creating a preliminary proposal and concept note for the future search I will be conducting a case study on Future Search in August, collaborating with Monique. The writeshop and retreat in the Netherlands are also on the horizon. I am eager to embrace these opportunities and make a meaningful impact with the support of the Perspectivity team.

Thank you, Nohad, and the entire Perspectivity team, for this enriching experience. Your guidance, collaboration, and commitment to change have made my first month remarkable. I look forward to the months ahead!