Book: Scrum in actie

With six co-authors, Petra de Boer wrote a practical book about Scrum: a smart and innovative method to work with teams on projects.
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Dec 14, 2018

Scrum is rapidly conquering the world as the clever and innovative method for working with teams on projects. Marketeers, civil servants, product developers, healthcare professionals, engineers, teachers – they all use Scrum to get results faster. But what makes this surprisingly simple approach so attractive?

Scrum in actie explains exactly how Scrum works and answers all practical questions. The book is bursting with appealing cases and practical examples. They show how, thanks to Scrum, people work together in a radically different way and with more pleasure.

“It is great to see that also in the Netherlands a group of pioneers is working on Scrum outside IT. The authors of this book share my amazement at the rigid project work methods and the compulsive control mechanisms that managers think they need to deliver predictable results. Mechanisms that ultimately lead to exactly the opposite. They turned their surprise into a call to action: let’s make projects more successful with Scrum!”
Dr. Jeff Sutherland – Founder of Scrum

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