Energy transition: facilitating a future search for the digital energy market

The Netherlands is rapidly switching to a distributed energy system, with all citizens and many companies becoming prosumers: producers and consumers at the same time. This energy transition creates new – mostly digital – markets, via platforms for which there are no clear rules. Perspectivity was asked to facilitate a three-day Future Search conference to design these rules together.
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Club van Wageningen


Can you facilitate a Future Search process for the future of the digital energy market?


Multiple day Future Search process.


  • Foundation of the Club of Wageningen.
  • Definition of shared ambitions for the future of the digital energy market.

The new digital energy markets entail major risks, such as unwanted concentrations of power, manipulation of users and even violation of human rights. At the same time, there are great opportunities for a democratic design of our new energy system and an increase in energy efficiency. That is why, in June 2018, influential pioneers from energy companies, grid operators, science, prosumers, the government and start-ups came together. Their aim was to design the rules of the game for a fair, inclusive, democratically controllable digital energy market.

Future Search conference

Perspectivity facilitated the three-day meeting, using the Future Search methodology, to look at the issue of the energy transition from all kinds of relevant perspectives. We facilitated looking at where everyone comes from and what effect the past has on where we are now in the energy data field. We examined the major developments of the present that influence the issue. We then facilitated exploring what we would like for the future and formulating seven shared ambitions. This led to a number of concrete action plans for realizing the desired future.

Club van Wageningen

After the meeting, we facilitated a series of follow-up days. More pioneers joined the change network, which has now been christened as the Club van Wageningen.

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