Renewal in the Retreat

A belated winter retreat with the central question: How do we keep renewing ourselves?
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Jun 17, 2022

Since many years a good habit at Perspectivity: twice a year a multi-day retreat with the whole collective. Camping in summer, in winter in a beautiful accommodation somewhere in nature. Last year, we had to skip the winter retreat because of corona. This year, however, we were able to take two days to catch up with each other, have fun, exchange stories and make new plans. Enjoying the spring sunshine, in the beautiful Alblasserwaard.


Monique and Mark had prepared a programme around the theme “Renewal”. In the post-Covid period, we see new things coming into being (and, strangely enough, also much remains the same). Working habits have changed, many people have a new view of society and the world, new themes are becoming more urgent, or more important. How do we as a collective keep renewing ourselves in all these developments?

During our programme, we used the Chaordic Stepping Stones: a method that can be used when a group of people in a complex setting aim to draft a common plan. The method provides a guideline and gives a foothold, and at the same time leaves ample room for new ideas and unexpected insights to emerge. We adapted the Chaordic Stepping Stones to fit our context and objectives. We poured a light Perspectivity sauce over them, and added an experiment with systems mapping. In this way, we spent two days building ideas and plans for the coming years, based on the ambition of renewal, change ánd continuity.

New talents

In the Open Space at the end, the contours of some plans became visible. The expansion of our own Young Talent programme. A proactive approach to issues in the social domain. Putting even more emphasis on knowledge sharing. And deepening the technical possibilities for online facilitation.

Is this all about work? Certainly not. A retreat also means relaxation, so we made and enjoyed delicious tapas and cocktails, and walked through the polders of the Alblasserwaard. We discovered new talents on the bowling alley, and shared beautiful personal stories by the fireplace (tip: The Empathy Game).

All this brought a lot of renewed energy. The fruits of this will become visible in the coming period!


“We shall renew neither ourselves, nor our society, nor a troubled world unless we share a vision of something worth saving.” (John W. Gardner)