The future of nature-inclusive Netherlands

Co-creating a national agenda for a nature inclusive society in Deurne with OFL
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Jun 17, 2022

By Han Rakels


In April 2022, a three-day Future Search conference was held in Deurne, the Netherlands. In an old monastery – formerly a regional gymnasium where I learned important lessons for the future as a student – a fantastic step was taken in the co-creation of the national agenda for a nature-inclusive society.


Colleague Monique Janmaat and I were asked to facilitate this special co-creation process. More than 60 participants representing parties from eight social domains – agriculture, water, construction/city/spatial planning, infrastructure, leisure economy, education and cross-domain – came together to formulate broadly supported ambitions for a nature-inclusive society. The process was organized on behalf of and in close collaboration with the Consultative Body for the Physical Environment (OFL). The agenda has given the movement a huge boost.


A movement has been started

The agenda has already found its way to the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in May-June. It will be presented on 17 June at the Nature Top 2022 during the Floriade in Almere. It is certainly as essential that a movement is now underway, as OFL-chairman Johan van de Gronden expressed on the eve of the presentation at the Nature Summit in his blog.


Van de Gronden: “Although the Agenda was drawn up on behalf of the State and the Province and together with grounds management organisations, it was created by civil society itself, each from its own domain. It is much more than a document; it is a movement with a first stopover in Almere in June. May many more follow, each time more ambitious, more diverse and more inspiring, until people and nature can flourish equally in our richly varied country.”


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