Training on transformative scenario planning and strategy development

Perspectivity facilitated a four-day training on Transformative Scenario Planning for representatives of civil society organisations from different parts of the world. Participants learned about scenario planning and strategy development in the complexity of their work.
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Can you design and facilitate a training course to capacitate activists and civil society organizations for transformative scenario planning and strategy development?


  • preparatory meeting (online) with all the involved organisations
  • inventory of needs of participants
  • four-day training course
  • optional individual guidance of participants after the training


Participants have gained the skills to develop different scenarios for the future and to design and facilitate the strategies to realize the desired scenario for the future.

CIVICUS, a worldwide alliance for civil society organisations and activists, was looking for new ways of thinking and working to support member organisations in acquiring sufficient funds. This challenge, and the desire to be better equipped to deal with the complexity of these organisations operating in civil society across the world, brought CIVICUS to Perspectivity.

“The training is very relevant for the work of everyone in our sector and it can be a real transformative initiative – it is extremely innovative and relevant for strategic planning”- Participant of the training

We designed and facilitated a four-day training about the art of transformative scenario planning at the headquarters of CIVICUS in Johannesburg. Thirteen participants from different countries (Senegal, New Zealand, Cambodia, Argentina, Italy, Pakistan and Fiji) experimented with scenario planning, strategy development and the power of multi-stakeholder dialogues. The participants underwent a learning-by-doing experience, where each participant used their context as the starting point. In this way, they were capable of taking new ways of thinking and working back to their own organisations and embed them into their strategic planning processes.

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