Visual Reporting

To strengthen dialogue processes and support continuous communication, Perspectivity offers visual reporting. Visual reports are appealing and friendly accounts of meetings and dialogue processes, to retain valuable outcomes for participants and/or to share with others the progress that you are making.

When working on complex issues, often a huge number of stakeholders are involved. Because of constraints such a time, distance, finances, language or others, it is not always possible to gather all of these people in the same place. We therefore often work with a smaller group that reflects all stakeholder parties concerned with the issue and want to be able to share results also with the wider group concerned.

Regular minutes and old fashioned reports are usually too wordy, dry, and do not convey the energy that came about. When you have conducted a worthwhile meeting, you want to be able to not only show the results that you have achieved, but also visualize how these results have been achieved. We take a journalistic approach, using stories, images and charts to make the reports more interesting to read, also for those who were not present.

Recent visual reporting examples include:

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