Stories of change

Stories of change are a great way to communicate the value and progress of a project in an accessible way. Date: In consultation
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Stories of change are a great way to communicate the value and progress of a project in an accessible way.

Explore and demonstrate change

Stories of change are used to explore and demonstrate change that happens during an academic or field research project or programme. They allow the researcher to supplement quantitative indicators with qualitative information about changes in knowledge, behaviour, attitudes, practice and policies. Information that cannot easily be captured in quantitative metrics.

Bring your project to life and induce adaptive learning

Stories of change bring your project to life. Especially for outside audiences, such as external stakeholders, politicians, project financiers and the general public. Stories of change focus on small changes, showing little steps towards impact. This often leads to a wider understanding of the overall results or potential future results.

Storytelling is an art, not a science.

Stories of change induce adaptive learning within the system. They can be used to illustrate the Theory of Change (ToC) and allow stakeholders to investigate and reflect on factors that have enabled or constrained the change to occur (or not). These can be intended and unintended and may reveal important lessons about underlying assumptions. The insights are captured in a story. 

Theory and writing

The Stories of change training programme teaches academic and field researchers how to develop and present their stories of change. The training encourages them to identity small changes with potentially big impact and helps them to turn these into appealing stories that bring their research to life.


One-day group training

  • Get into the storytelling mode
  • Storytelling: the human nature
  • Getting to the essence of your story
  • Scripting your story in three steps:
    1. Brain writing
    2. Free writing
    3. Script writing
  • Writing tips
  • Publishing formats: blog, podcast, article, infographic

Follow-up: Individual written exercise to elaborate a story of change on a current project. With individual follow-up coaching, feedback and group reflection.

The positive feedback helped me to get rid of my insecurity about my writing.

In-company training

  • Number of participants: Between 8 and 32
  • Period: 1-day group training followed by individual coaching and feedback (4 hours p/p)
  • Costs: In consultation
  • Study load: 12 hours
  • Location: In-company
  • Trainers: Petra de Boer & Lisette Gast

More info:

Read the report of the Stories of change programme offered at NWO-WOTRO.

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