Theory U
Theory U shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. It aims a shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system.
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Leading from the future as it emerges

Theory U is both a change framework and a set of methodologies to address the most pressing global challenges such as climate change, food systems and inequality. It invites individuals and groups to explore the deeper source from which they operate through a journey called presencing: sensing + presence, to experience the future as if it were “wanting to be born”.
“We move down one side of the U (connecting us to the world that is outside of our institutional bubble) to the bottom of the U (connecting us to the world that emerges from within) and up the other side of the U (bringing forth the new into the world).”


The journey through the U develops seven essential leadership capacities:

  1. Holding the space of listening
  2. Observing
  3. Sensing
  4. Presencing
  5. Crystallizing
  6. Prototyping
  7. Performing

Theory U has been developed by Otto Sharmer and his colleagues at the Presencing Institute of the MIT Sloan School of Management in the United States. 

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Our toolbox

In our work, we use a broad range of methodologies and approaches that lean on decades of experimental research. We gratefully build on the theories and concepts developed by our teachers and colleagues. To achieve sustainable results, we determine which method fits every project best.

Methods we frequently use: