Appreciative Inquiry

Inspired changes happen if people access innate needs for dignity and meaning

Used in place of the traditional problem-solving approach – i.e. finding what is wrong and forging solutions to fix the problems – Appreciative Inquiry seeks out what is “right” in an organisation, its success, its life-giving force. This focus generates tremendous positive energy for organisational learning and the creation of an imagined future.

A worldview, a theory, a mindset, and an approach: Appreciative Inquiry is an articulated concept that reinforces the habit of mind that moves through the world in a generative frame, seeking and finding images of the possible rather than scenes of disaster and despair.

What it achieves

Appreciative Inquiry is an effective process for organisations that are seeking to engage in developing their strategic future. Organisational members quickly establish a vision that is grounded in their past successes and passions; they find themselves galvanised into action by the energy that springs from the process.

Perspectivity has applied Appreciative Inquiry to envisioning, strategic planning, business development, team building, developing performance systems, monitoring and evaluation, cultural change programmes and leadership development. The range of possible applications is seemingly unlimited.

The concept has been used by every conceivable type of organisation, from large business corporations to small NGOs and government agencies all over the world.

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