Future Search

Finding common ground in face of the future

A Future Search conference brings 50 – 500 representatives of different interest groups into a two to three day dialogue. The result: shared goals, achieved through an interactive and dynamic planning process. The process enables people to transform their ability to take drastically different actions very quickly and helps them to take responsibility for their own planning.

Future Searches have been run in every part of the world and sector of society. The Future Search conference theme is of vital importance and is a “burning” question or issue that evokes the passion of stakeholders in face of their future.

Future Search initiatives have actively contributed to positive change in the world.

What it achieves
The main deliverable of the conference is “the system” having discovered what it is ready, willing and able to do by accessing innate needs for meaning. It identifies the topics and actions that key stakeholders can commit to and which are considered as most critical to sustainable change. Typical results are shared visions, draft policies, strategic frameworks, process designs and action plans owned by all stakeholders.

Perspectivity is a member of the Future Search Network.

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