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Perspectivity fosters wisdom, passion and creativity for sustainable development in a complex world.

Within just a few generations, our world has changed profoundly and humanity has found itself in a situation that differs fundamentally from anything we have known before. Our knowledge and technological capabilities have developed with exponential speed, giving us an infinitely better understanding of – and greater influence on – the “hard” (material) as well the “soft” (human behavioural) world around us. These developments, however, have been accompanied by increased complexity.

At Perspectivity, we have observed three interrelated phenomena defining social complexity:

  • A dramatic increase in systemic complications – in the number, variety and interrelatedness of factors influencing local and global development.
  • Greater social diversity – in gender, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity etc. – of people involved in societal issues due to intensifying communication and mobility.
  • The fact that human activity is reaching its limits with regard to the available resources and ecological carrying capacity of our planet gives an acute feeling of global interdependence and puts extra pressure on global society.

Perspectivity believes that this social complexity is here to stay and embraces it.